More about me?

Hello hello again. How are you? I hope you are well. I just wanted to maybe post a little more about myself. Hopefully its entertaining to read (probably not because I’m pretty ehh but you never know.)

I am a junior in high school who is way ahead and taking college courses for free. (Because how in the world could I ever pass that opportunity up?!) I’m very interested in psychology. I am almost 98% positive I want to be in that field. I’m planning on staying in Alaska for college as well. I often visit Tri-cities area in Washington (or sometimes Seattle) and Newport, Oregon. Those are my three other favorite places to be.

I grew up in Sicily, Italy for the first 4 years of my life. I wish I could remember more then I do but I was just too young. Used to be fluent but sadly, not so much anymore ): Its a place I definitely want to go back to someday. I have not one full sibling, I only have step, half, adopted ones. Two younger sisters at the ages of 10 and 12.  Then the rest are all much older. 25 and up!

I live with my mom and her husband right outside of Palmer. The view from my house is to die for. I’m very blessed to be here. I spend most of my time procrastinating then catching up last minute (I really need to stop that)

I have been a belly dancer for almost 5 years now. My dance teacher recently discontinued classes due to her family problems so for the past couple months I’ve been practicing by myself. I’m also thinking about taking actual contemporary/lyrical dance classes instead of just self teaching. Its worth the money, almost like a therapy to me.

My classes right now are pretty hard and I have been trying a lot more things like Skiing and snowboarding. Which i have fell absolutely in love with, besides the fact my knee is still purple and sprained weeks later. Again, its still worth it.

I have also been reading a lot more.  Here are a few of the books I’ve fell in love with over the year…

My personal favorite is Everyday ❤


Author: aestheteak

I am a Photography, poetry, and nature loving kind of girl.

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