Nice to meet you!

      Well, this is my very first blog post! I am super excited to be finally sitting down and starting something I’ve always wanted to do. I wish I knew exactly how id like this blog to go, but I just want to start writing.
      I struggle on a daily basis with this thing that makes my life extremely unbearable at times. It feels as if I am stuck on a never ending highway. There are many turnoffs that lead to such abundances of adventure and life. Each time I do decide to turn, it wont turn. Almost as if certain forces are holding me back, Anxiety, Depression, Trauma.  I do not like labels. But here I am, using them against myself because I am not even sure what I am anymore. The doctors, teachers, parents, friends, siblings. They don’t know either.
      I do know a few things…
      I am a young women finding herself In the town of Palmer, Alaska. A place full little stores, coffee shops, history. Farms and mountains surrounding us. Loving elders and  teens full of unrealistic dreams. It gets old being here and knowing every one, but Its beautiful here. It soothes the broken soul, so to say. Being able to sit 20 minutes out of Palmer on a bridge right on the base of a mountain. Watch the sun go up and down as the days go by. Listen to the crisp, snowy footsteps of winter.
      I am a dancer, artist, poet. A 17 year old young women thinking to hard on silly things. Falling in love and being broken again. Learning how to mend herself from such horrible things. I am a photographer, the beauty in someones eyes, the wind. I am not anxiety, nor depression, trauma, ADHD. Even if some or most days it feels like I am. I was just born with such things, but they do not define who I am. Nature defines me. And all of arts beautiful and ugly truths.

I promise not all blog posts will be this deep. This is just my first one so ill work on it. A few things ill be discussing here will be nature art photography. I do want to talk about my lifes triumphs and struggles. I have a lot of both. From the anxiety that controls my daily actions to the dreams I have to help people. I love to make crafts and diys, write music, inspire others, and just talk. My point is I’m sure ill have a variety of things to read for a variety of audiences.

I really hope to see you at a future post!(: I plan on updating once a week depending on what my college class throws at me. 

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”  Charles R. Swindoll


Author: aestheteak

I am a Photography, poetry, and nature loving kind of girl.

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