Wish me luck..

Lets just start out by saying

” Can I be excused for the rest of my life?”

So I was watching sponge bob the other day.. Of course I still watch it,  I may almost be an adult but doesn’t mean on my downtime I cant sit and watching sponge bob eating ice cream.

Anyways, i was watching an episode and while he was in boating school he said that. I guess my whole point is I can relate to sponge bob with this one.

Back to my point. In my behavioral health class that I was taking, we had to create a 32 page portfolio/lesson plan about our subject of choice. My group decided on making a lesson for teachers on how they can better support their students who suffer from extreme anxiety. It turned out pretty well and I’m currently doing its final touches and then we are going to a huge nationwide competition with it.

Last Thursday, it was due for our first run through for presentations. Which in itself made me want to throw up with anxiety. My group scrambled to finish it on time. ( we had an hour before presentation to finish it up) Besides one of our group members who hasn’t been to any of our team meetings and doesn’t even know what the project is. He blames me and my best friend for his absence and immaturity, hilarious. Lets just name him Jimmy. Never pull a Jimmy you guys. Never.

Either way, my stress and anxiety level was through the roof, so when I stood up to present. Man oh man. My group member began her speaking part and then it was my turn. My part started out find, until I accidentally stuttered on a word. It triggered me in to a full blown out panic attack. Shaking, no breathing, I couldn’t hold it down.

Then I forced my self to calm down as quickly as possible. I held it all in red faced, teary eyes and finished my speaking part. Then right after the clapping from my peers and professors began, I bolted out of the room.

Of course, my best friend come out after me with her service pup. She sat beside me as her dog attacked me with love. It helped a bunch. I love and appreciate her tons.

Crying during such an important presentation. Man, how petrifying. Everyone saw me to. No hiding that.

But i am proud of myself for overcoming my anxiety and panic at the moment. Also, few days after writing the top portion of this, I received an email from my professor. She told me my grade of my first college course.

98% A+

I am so damn proud of that. All my hard work has defiantly paid off. Now all that Is left is the state (and if I place the national) competition portion of this. A 6 minute oral presentation in front of judges, then them looking over our portfolios.

Wish me luck…



Author: aestheteak

I am a Photography, poetry, and nature loving kind of girl.

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