Coping with anxious moments

Hey everybody! I have recently decided to try some new DIYs and ideas I’ve found or modified, to help with anxious moments either in public or just at home. I’ll post a few of the ideas today and maybe some more of the DIYs in the future! Okay lets gooo

Breath Bracelet


I found quite a few websites that have things called  Breath Bracelets (Click link if you wanna see what I am talking about, they seem really neat) On the website its instructions state “In time of need, run your finger along the simple string; grasp the medal and breathe.” I really like this idea. Its simple, it isn’t distracting and it is a small thing I could focus on while talking to someone I am too anxious to talk to, or during a presentation. You could modify it by making your own charm bracelets with little charms to fidget with. Charms of things you love. You can even make/buy a necklace instead that has charms. I have one that is Paris themed. They are simple, beautiful, and can be of help.

Essential Oils

I love essential oils. I always bring roll on ones in my purse, but recently I have been getting ones that are too leaky. So what I like to do  is get a very small Ziploc and a piece of cloth with the essential oil on it. Then just open the bag or take it out whenever I need it. So I didn’t have to worry about the bottle getting my purse even more messy than it already is.
Also, I always bring an orange to school with me and I carry a piece of the peel in my pocket for the day. It helps with my focus, as well as anxious moments.

DIY: Sand Box

This is probably one of my favorites! Here is what you will need…

  1. Some sort of container. I personal like the look of a small wooden box. Mine has a lid. But you can use anything you find around the house or a thrift store. Small enough to fit in lap. And sturdy enough to store sand.$_1.jpg
  2. Kinetic sand. I personally choose this because it is more satisfying to look and mold in your hand in my opinion. You can use any colors too! From what I see small quantity, individual colors are under 15$ shopping.jpg
  3. I put a few things like plastic knives, fork, spoon to use as little tools to make designs in the sand. As well as little glass animal figurines. They are around the size of a quarter. This is optional. 728bcc65c02f0a44b005afcab786fb61.jpgNow just sit and relax. I find this to be an easy thing to do while working on school, work, or just some you time. The Kinetic sand is so satisfying and I tend to gear towards this when I’m having very anxious moments.

These were just a few of the things I use often. I hope you found them useful or interesting! I’ll be having a few more of these posts in the future for sure!

Until next time ~Mariah

The only way out is through. Take it one day one moment at a time.



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