Ecco Mormorar L’Onde (Now The Waves Murmur)

My favorite Italian poem. My mother used to read it to me Here is an audio of someone saying the poem in Italian. I would check it out its beautiful.

Audio of Ecco Mormorar L’onde


Ecco mormorar l’onde,

E tremolar le fronde

A l’aura mattutina, e gli arboscelli,

E sovra i verdi rami i vaghi augelli

Cantar soavemente,

E rider l’Oriente;

Ecco giΓ  l’alba appare,

E si specchia nel mare,

E rasserena il cielo,

E le campagne imperla il dolce gelo,

E gli alti monti indora:

O bella e vaga Aurora,

L’aura Γ¨ tua messaggera, e tu de l’aura

Ch’ogni arso cor ristaura.



Now the waves murmur

And the boughs and the shrubs tremble

In the morning breeze,

And on the green branches the pleasant birds

Sing softly

And the east smiles;

Now dawn already appears

And mirrors herself in the sea,

And makes the sky serene,

And the gentle frost impearls the fields

And gilds the high mountains:

O beautiful and gracious Aurora,

The breeze is your messenger, and you the breeze’s

Which revives each burnt-out heart.

Torquato Tasso


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