You, Us, And Everything In Between

There is this girl.

I met her over a year ago. The second semester of my sophomore year. I moved to a new school. It was my first day and I didn’t know anyone. I then met her.

At first it was nothing, then it became something to me.

Ever since I met her i knew I wanted to at least be her friend. But I was so scared, because she is so beautiful.

We didn’t speak at all again other than the occasional hello. Until November of 2016.

Some difficulties happened with mutual friend and then me her and two others began to hangout with each other. Now they are my best friends.

But I felt something.

For a few months I knew my feelings for her where more than just friendship. But I knew she didn’t like me back.

Then things changed.

Two months ago, I finally told her. How I have been hiding my feelings and forcing myself to like other people.

Even though I wasn’t happy.

She said “I have liked you since the very moment I saw you”

Who would have known, that I would have fallen for my best friend.

Now that she is in my life I see so much happiness.

I have my bad days, but she always makes them brighter.

Her smile and laugh lights up a room. No matter how much she disagrees.

She really makes everything so much sweeter.

I see years in our future.

So many happy memories, even though we have to lie to our parents and sneak around.

She is worth it all.

I am so thankful for her presence.

Every moment spent with her are my favorite ones.

I have fallen In love with my best friend

And I am so thankful she is now my girlfriend.


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